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1. Basic Things:

License: A mandatory document that you need to show at every authorized checkpoint. Keep it handy so you can easily hand it over to the officials whenever they ask you.

Travel Insurance Papers: You need to carry these papers as it helps you in any unforeseen situation that might occur during your bike ride. If you cross places from India to Myanmar by road and from Myanmar to Thailand, then you need to show the insurance papers for verification.

Medicines: By any chance if you are on any medication then ensure that you carry a decent load of medications with you, from essential prescriptions to any chronic issue. Likewise before the beginning of the excursion, you can go for an inoculation to shield yourself from any illness.

Motorcycle Documents: If you are driving your own vehicle then remember to carry photocopies of the motorcycle documents including legal registration papers. If you have rented a motorcycle then make sure to carry the proof of rental agreements made. This will proclaim that you owe the vehicle legitimately. Keep a couple of duplicates plus the originals handy with

Snacks and Water: Long rides don’t intend to take a break after short intervals. You have to take breaks just when there is a crisis like petroleum filling. What’s more, for resting and having food! Water and tidbits must be loaded up well. So in the event that you are eager for a 2 min break in the middle, it will be easier to fill your needs.

Note: While riding from India to Thailand through Myanmar and then till Singapore, you will need energy to ride and to feel the fit throughout the journey. We suggest you to carry Protein Bars and electrolyte drinks to keep you completely hydrated. We also recommend you to carry packs of Gluten Free Protein Bar.

Manual of the Country: One of the most important things to take along with you is the manual of the country. You can’t entirely rely upon Google Maps. With the help of a manual, you will be able to ask people if you are unable to get through. 

Camera and Other Stuff: While crossing different cities, countries, you explore places, meet people, and see special things. This all combines to shaping a bag full of memories. Every place is unique in its own way. The best way you can cherish is by capturing every moment and thus cameras will do the job. With all electronic gadgets, you must carry at least 2 chargers for each. Pack light, don’t take heavy clothes. Shopping can be done anywhere, keep things that are genuinely needed, don’t overstuff your bag. Don’t forget to take rain gears, sunglasses; earplugs, sleeping bag. A backpack may be painful for a long ride to take a luggage bag as an alternate.

2: Important Documents To Carry Without Fail

Passport is a must document with minimum 6 months of validity from the date of your arrival to the location. You also need to have a Visa application form duly filled. Along with it, keep a few latest passport size photos with white background. Don’t forget the foreign currency, details at

3: Must Carry Safety Gear

Rider’s Jacket: The most essential thing for safe riding is a “Rider’s coat”. This makes you look cool. Be it a chilly breeze, burning sun warmth or hefty downpour showers, the Riding coat will help you sustain all. The pockets will help you in storing stuffs like cash, telephones, earplugs, maps, and different things also.

Protective cap: A head protector is necessary for a rider. For long rides, you need to carry a head protector that covers your complete face.

Boots: Another most significant gear is cross riding trip is Boots. Easygoing shoes or shoes won’t be agreeable by any means. Particularly on tough and paved streets, you will feel inconvenient while riding. Before initiating an excursion ensure you purchase a decent quality pair of boots. You make certain to encounter easiness during your excursion if you wear comfortable boots.

Reinforcement: In order to shield yourself from any sort of injury, you can purchase great quality riding gears. You can pick your hands on the carbon fiber material suit that are the most fitting ones while riding. The rider gets effortlessly adjusted with the temperature and be more secured from any sort of crash with the riding protective layer.

Gloves: To secure the rider’s palm and to get the ideal grasp on the quickening agent, particularly on long rides, gloves can be advantageous.

Shipping The Bike:

Before ending the journey, there is one last important thing to remember, the shipping part. You came all the way riding from India via Myanmar & Thailand to Singapore but while heading back you will have to ship your motorcycle from Singapore back to India. Contact Shipping companies who can import your motorcycle back to your country as it is very necessary. Follow appropriate import procedures, find out the estimated cost associated with shipping and plan accordingly. The cost of transporting the motorcycle differs based on the distance and the need to ensure safety with the transport. The best way to send your bike is via air.